I’m Doing Kris Gethin’s DTP and Attempting a 2nd Round of it

During the month of May 2017, I attempted to do something that I had my mind set on: doing Kris Gethin’s DTP.

The Program

DTP stands for Dramatic Transformation Principle, and it’s essentially a hypertrophy program.  For those not in the know, hypertrophy simply means something along the lines of ‘raw muscle mass.’  You aren’t lifting for strength – but rather – for size.  This means lots of high reps and low-moderate weight.  It wasn’t surprising to see a 50 rep set or 10 sets per exercise; yes, it was that intense.  I reveled in it.

The nutrition plan for this workout plan – also created by Kris Gethin – was made specifically for muscle growth.  That was a little bit more challenging.  I had a lot of liberties with this nutrition plan.  Because of that, my end result wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.  I ate a lot, sure.  That’s good.  However, I would sneak in a cheat meal every day.  Not good!

So now, while I’m busy working on my acting career, I’m doing my best to get my body right.  Looks good, and performs better!  High energy, with convincing fashion!  So, with that being said, I’m attempting a second round of DTP, starting tomorrow!!!  Follow me on bodybuilding.com in order to see my progress!

Also, check out the DTP plan for yourself at bodybuilding.com!

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I’m not affiliated with bodybuilding.com or Kris Gethin in any way.  They just make dang good workout programs!

I’m Done Revamping my Website!

Greetings, everyone!

My website was created as a way to put myself in front of potential employers.  I tried to make it an “all of something” website.  Doing this caused me to burn out from trying to figure out *just what* I wanted from my website.  I also used my old Google blog link.  Let’s just say that my website looked extremely crazy.

That’s why on January 1st, I resolved to revamp my website and make it more friendly toward casting directors, directors, other actors/actresses, etc.  To do this, I took my website offline, and started the process.  I deleted unused plug-ins, which totaled about 20!!!  I also got rid of several pages that were served for putting myself in front of conventional businesses.  I tried several different themes out from Vantage (the one I used before) to default WD themes, to Athena, to RAD, Suri, etc.  I ended up going with Revolve from Accesspress.  I needed to have something that stood out amongst the group, and I believe that this theme did just that!

Screenshot & Edit by Me.
Revolve Splash Page

Next, I took new headshots to populate the website, my social media, and the casting sites I frequent.  I took 379 headshots, and narrowed it down to 8 with help from one of my acting buddies.  I had to get help from another one of my acting buddies for retouching.

After getting the photos from him, my website was ready to get put back up!  After three months of frustration, near tears (might be exaggerating), workout sessions, brainstorming sessions during my workout sessions, and sheer excited-ness, it’s here!  Welcome to my new website, powered by my goals and my dreams!  To the right is the menu, so please go check everything out there! There’s a little bit of kinks to still work out, but I hope you enjoy your (repeated) stay at thekevinwright.com!

I’m Participating in the BodyBuilding.com Transformation Challenge!

This year, I’m really committing to the acting life. To start this off, I’ve enrolled in Bodybuilding.com‘s $250K Transformation Challenge. This contest is focused on emphasizing the New Year’s Resolution. I want to enjoy life more, and be healthier so I feel that this is a great place to start.

I realize that 12 weeks is (and isn’t) a long time. Working out every day for 12 weeks will be quite long and difficult. However, at the same time, before I realize, it’ll be spring. This is quite crazy! I feel that my nutrition is on point, and I’m doing Kris Gethin’s 12 Week Hardcore Trainer. The workouts is what he’s put together for the program, and the nutritional thing is what he’s put down as well. I’m going to take my own supplements since I know what works. I take a majority of Pro Supps’…supps. Let’s hope everything goes good!